My first camera was a dusty 1954 Brownie Hawkeye I found in my Nanny's attic when I was eight years old.  I fell in love with photography then and love it still. It is my artistic outlet and break from the everyday.  An opportunity to breathe in life's little moments and capture them for future reflection. 

Dear Addie started as a project for my daughter; an excuse to pick-up the camera again.  A chance to reacquaint myself with my first love as I documented my new love (and her adorable little fingers and toes).  An opportunity to dust-off the creative side I had shelved as life grew busy.   


Since picking up a camera again, I have taken every opportunity to document my children's lives-- the little swirl in their newborn hair; their first trip to the potty; snuggles with Grammie (or "Nammie" as she has come to be known).  I have also been blessed over the past number of years to photograph others' special moments along the way.     



Dear Addie


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